Ronald L. Waldron



Ronald L. Waldron has maintained a long-standing desire to express his views. He has accomplished his goals by writing and publishing his books, which showcase his deep-rooted belief that peace, nonviolence, anti-war and liberty are standards that should be actively promoted. After serving in the United States Army, Mr. Waldron joined the police department. He retired after serving for 30 years in the criminal justice field; he fulfilled roles in the public defenders' office, security detail, and prison corrections. Mr. Waldron holds five law enforcement certifications, and he has earned several awards during his tenure as a law enforcement professional. He was inspired to begin writing because he wanted to help his readers become motivated to persuade changes within the criminal justice system, as well as in foreign and domestic policy. Mr. Waldron intends to continue writing books on related themes.


His six books, Final Report; What If; Deception; Truth Counts; The House of Treason and Watch Out can be purchased by visiting 

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